Our Services


Group Walks

Get your Dogster out into some wide open spaces where she can hike, sniff, adventure, play ball, and pal around with her friends.  Our group walks are fun for your dog from pick-up to drop-off.  We pick up your pup from your home or office where he'll immediately join his friends for a breezy ride to Crissy Fields, Fort Funston, The Presidio Ecology Trails, or one of many other of San Francisco's great big off leash parks.  [Though we only let dogs off-leash once they demonstrate good recall and show no tendency to bolt.] Once we arrive we will hike and romp around for a FULL hour before cool-down, clean-up, and a tranquil and often sleepy. cuddly ride home. 

DOG PILE!!  All together we'll be out between 1.5 and 3 hours, depending on your dog's proximity to the park of the day, and order of pick-up/drop offs. Dogs return home clean, happy, and tired

If you have a particularly energetic dog that requires more exercise that that or that doesn't do well when left home alone, we offer a "Day-Camp" package that includes two walks, extra socialization, and some additional TLC.

Group walks improve social skills and provide both physical and mental stimulation, improve basic commands, and combat unwanted behaviors such as chewing and whining. We start our morning pick-ups at 10:00 a.m. and our afternoon pick-ups at 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Private Walks

Private walks catered to your dog's specific needs. Some dogs prefer one-on-one attention. Or perhaps your dog is still a puppy without all his shots, is elderly, has health issues, or needs to work more on obedience commands. In such cases a private walk might be ideal. And of course we are happy to fill the water bowl, give extra pettings, and even feed your dog if requested. We offer private walks for 30 and 60 minutes, before 9:00a.m. and after 4:00p.m. Monday through Friday, and occasionally on weekends.


Short visits for pets that need a potty break, feeding, some mid-day lovin', or simply some fresh air. These visits last between 15-20 minutes.

Boarding/ House sitting

Bed and Breakfast experience for guest pups. We give priority to our Dog-Walking clients but have limited availability for well-trained, non-client pups. Please book as well in advance as feasible.

Where do I start....Sarah began walking my dog over a year ago. It was immediate that she had a very gentle nature about her, not only her voice, but in demeanor with my little terrier, he’s very cute, but not always obedient. Within a short amount of time, I noticed how excited he would be when Sarah came to the door, and even more importantly, how utterly attentive he was to her. He would sit, and stay and be on his best behavior, it blew me away! What really set Sarah apart for me is how she would talk to him. Never knowing if we were home or not, she would always give the most loving greetings and goodbyes to him, I felt she loved him as much as we do
— Valerie Herring